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ATTC Case : Sikkim High Court serves notice to AICTE counsels

Raghav Chhetri

Sikkim High Court serves notice to AICTE ; AICTE local counsel takes a U-turn

ATTC Case : Sikkim High Court serves notice to AICTE counsels

22 Mar, Gangtok : A single bench of Chief Justice SK Agnihotri in Sikkim High Court today directs issuance of notices to All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and counsels to submit Inspection report of Advanced Technical Training Centre (ATTC) Bardang, Sikkim Government Polytechnic while hearing writ petitions filed by Mr. Naw Raj Bhattarai and Mr. Amos Shanker in which AICTE and ATTC are the respondents.

As per the previous court order dated 29.11.2017 a direction was given by the court to submit the enquiry report regarding the irregularities which the plaintiffs have pointed out in their writ petition.
In continuation to the aforesaid notice after the period of almost three months court today asked for a report whether the instruction was done and if an inspection was done and detailing was carried or not ?

High Court Order Dated 22 Mar 2018

High Court Order Dated 22 Mar 2018 (Sikkim High Court Web Portal)

Local counsel in behalf of AICTE was also discharged from mentioning that AICTE has not responded despite several times communicating with them.

(We apologise for inadvert in previous article)

Taking precise note of the case the court today once again directed to shoot notices to AICTE, as well as their two counsel namely Mr.Soumitra Saika and Mr Dipankar Kumar Bagchi. Court also accepted discharge of local counsel Karma Yangchen Bhutia from the case.
Ever since the writ petition was filed ,as understood from the counsel of the petitioners the Hon’ble court has taken up the matter seriously in the case.
The plaintiffs who are the former ATTC employees sues ATTC Polytechnic which runs under Directorate of Technical Education Govt of Sikkim ever since establishment have acquired AICTE affiliation submitting fictitious data and same practice being followed every time to maintain AICTE Extension of Approval (EOA) which anytime could bring an adverse remark for the state government as well as make future of the thousands of Engineering students in stake.
The duo has challenged their job expulsion case in the Sikkim state high court on the high ground that their status has been deliberately shown as regular faculty in the AICTE record. One of the serious allegation that is being levelled against ATTC is the anomaly in teacher student ratio which as per AICTE norm does not meet the target.
Duo has placed their claim on teacher student ratio to court which should be 1:20 that means for every 20 students there must be 1 Lecturer /faculty as per AICTE norm. Duo even claims that to attain the ratio ATTC has e been submitting data where the non-teaching staff are shown as teaching faculty just to maintain AICTE affiliation aka EOA every time.

As recently The Government has announced the free Education for two Government Polytechnic for Local candidate’s.
What could happen if AICTE investigation embarks anomalies and irregularities of ATTC ? The very question stands impulsive first thing that could happen is withdraw of AICTE affiliation. Withdrawal of AICTE affiliation will directly affect thousands of students pursuing various engineering courses in ATTC. They could face teething difficulties for further study or even find hard to get jobs in reputed organisations and companies, As Engineering certificates without AICTE Approval is not valid.
Another thing that could happen is that sanctioned intake of students could be reduced which once again would levy tantamount trouble for state to provide adequate numbers of seats for aspiring Sikkim students to study diploma engineering within the state. Last but not the least the state of Sikkim which aims to bring a phase shift in quality education and the concept of higher educational strategies would find a deadlock.

Where did the problem started that caused a situation to go bizarre in the matter ?, here duo say “Extreme misuse of Autonomy ” that irrelevant decisions are taken by handful of People in organisation without making the Government aware about the central funds, schemes, policies and programs in the larger interest of the state is the major lapses.
The engineering institution is run by mere hoarders for their vested interests for taking ample of advantages to carry their selfish motives which also include funds utilization related issues ‘as if they are running private polytechnic’ without the consent of the State Government not even realizing that it is state run Polytechnic and Government must be known about it in all aspect for state’s betterment out of such engineering institution. Keeping Government in anvil despite institution being state run is a major concern observed, for the same government should immediately act on time find a solution to end the monopoly going around.

The anomalies in ATTC needs to be investigated, it seriously needs to be titrated against the errants whomsoever have deliberately mutated term ‘Autonomy’ like their profit-making tool but not for improvising state’s strength in higher education field of engineering, that eventually would lead to jeopardy of visionary CM who is time and again pledging Government servants to work in tandem and bring best out of their efforts for the sake of people of Sikkim and achieve the state’s mission mandate, says petitioners to VOS.

Learned Sr. Advocate NB Khatiwada and Learned Advocate Gita Bista are steering as counsel for the duo in the case.


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