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Weekly Contest

Winner of Weekly Writing Contest (1st Week Feb 2018)

A Poignant Reverie”

The orange rays
from the tip
of the blue hills
faintly covered in mist.
Night was waning
and the birds
sang the
first light song
We delighted in
the idyll and
variegated view
of the morning.
Like a painting
slowly breathing
Coming to life.
Sauntering along
the narrow path
to the sacred
Enchey monastery.
Our eyes ran
across the premises.
You and I,
held hands and
sank in the moment.
Prayer wheels
spun. Pigeons
wafted through
the air. Monks
in maroon robes
came out a door
and disappeared
in another.
The perennial
deeply moved us.
Feeble rays of the sun
kissed your
blushed cheeks.
The crimson surface
warmed my eyes.
So much alive
then the last
I kissed them.
You moved swiftly
like the flickering
prayer flags
from one dream
to another.
I walked out
of the gate
alone, after the
the monk offered
prayers to the dead
I uttered a wail
I had no prayer
to offer you.

Mr. Suman Rai

Mr. Raul Rai


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