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Unsung Hero of Sikkim : Thangsing Mountains “Father Thunga Maila” Is No More

Late San Man Subba alias populary known as Thangsing Mountains Father 'Thunga Maila Mama" of West Sikkim

Late San Man Subba alias populary known as Thangsing Mountains Father ‘Thunga Maila Mama” of West Sikkim

“Everlasting and Unending echo ” Thunga Maila (Mama)” will remain clear and loud all throughout the West Mountains and Snowclad peaks, as he was Nature’s Father and beloved Mama of Millions!”

There are so many social beings in and around Sikkim who are selflessly contributing for humanity from their social works though could be servants of Govt. Such fine people are there in government organisation who are in such a cornered place or otherwise are unscaled due to some reasons.

In May 2016, we came across a Mountain Father Thunga Maila, whose real name is San Man Subba , he was a State Tourism Dept employee serving in the capacity as a “Chowkidaar” in Thangsing Guest House at 14,000 Feet in West Sikkim along the world famous Goechala Trekking Route. He was serving government since 1992.

The very constituency from which he belongs and was serving is Yuksam Tashiding Constituency, West Sikkim.
Popularly known as “Thunga Maila” among the millions of worldwide visitors who have been helped and coordinated by him is not just a Mountain Father but also can be described as Wildlife or Father of Nature who despite being ‘uneducated’ had a deep inclination towards Wildlife also. He stayed in the guest house as caretaker for visitors / tourists all alone since 1992 though is a married good husband and a father of children.

He used to keep the surroundings, kept the serene environment under his purview up-to-date, he never argued with someone when visitors littered the place he himself used to pick up and put in dustbins and trash containers. He can be described as major entity to keep world famous Goechela Trekking Route neat and tidy at that highest altitude where one finds difficult to breathe due to lack of Oxygen.

Another important thing about him was his inclination towards wildlife, he used to feed the wildlife foods, salts during ravaging seasons like Bear, Deer, Antelopes, Wild Cats etc. So his contribution towards wildlife is unaccountable.

We are deeply saddened to announce that Thunga Maila (Mama) is no more with us today , he passed away for heavenly abode on 05 Feb at Gayzing Hospital.
This morning we were informed by our tourism associate from Yuksom Mr. Dhanraj Gurung telephonically that Thunga Maila (Mama) passed away.

We are grateful towards then SDM Yuksam Sh Abinash Rai who excavated this noble personality living among us in May 2016. Sh Rai lauded him for his ability and his hospitality towards every visitors/ tourist to this place at height of 14000 feet.

It takes almost 2 days to reach to picturesque Thangsing Village aka Thangsing Tourism Dept Guest House on foot. The very place is aloof , isolated and cut off from modern means of communication in all form due to an extremely cornered area. But Thunga Maila (Mama) was always there to help even in such harsh condition and climate.

Soft-spoken, richness of humanity and hospitality , wrinkled pretty smiling face Thunga Maila has done tremendous selfless service for the millions of which Sikkim and every Sikkimese people will always remain indebted forever whenever any country speaks goodwill and hospitality of Sikkim then that visitor is definitely talking about “Thunga Maila (Mama)” in his gesture of thanksgiving to tiny Himalayan State Sikkim.

We feel proud today that such human did live, served his most part of youthful life dedicated in keeping humanity alive also who kept name of Sikkim Glorified
His efforts though weren’t recognized as long he lived purposefully neither did he receive any appreciations for his service but his dignity, his social attenuation will always be remembered in the history pages of the “Truly Beautiful Sikkim”!!

Unending Echo will be alive and loud in the entire West Mountains with one word “Thunga Maila………..”

Pictures courtesy Abinash Rai (Officer in RTI, Gangtok)

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