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AICTE Trouble Water for Engineering Institutions Closure for Non Compliance

Editorial: Shutting Down 800 Engineering Colleges by the Apex Council AICTE is Welcoming Gesture

AICTE Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India

Shutting Down 800 Engineering Colleges by the Apex Council AICTE is Welcoming Gesture

Shutting Down 800 Engineering Colleges by the Apex Council AICTE is Welcoming Gesture

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) which is the apex governing body of all engineering technical institutions also looks after the premier institutions like IITs as well as Polytechnics across India and outside countries has taken a really outstanding step to curb such institutions which are mere running for businesses and not for generating employable manpower and skilled engineers out of it for better India tomorrow.

The haul of institutions running under the roof of AICTE approval ever since the council is established are more focused on making education as the business only.
The AICTE Extension of Approval each year they (institutions) renew which ironically AICTE never have been inspecting whether they are eligible titrating against the standards and approval norms. These are deficient the shortcomings of AICTE itself which now after many decade AICTE is realizing all over when finished products from these institutions are not capable engineers or could be fit to become emergent, productive engineers or even be tapped by industries for best use of their skills.

The need for ramification from AICTE was must as it could ever bring good engineers for benefit of the nation in terms of their knowledge. We have been seeing good numbers of aspirants even flying abroad for better career prospect which amounts to 2 to 3 percent of them each year leaving beside others who either hooks up in some jobs which amount to next 10 to 15 percentage, 20 to 25 percentage opt for further Masters or even continue to Doctorate and rest run pillar to posts which amount to not less than 50% of them. There is great lapse as 50% of them struggling for their career mainly attribute to the way they have been brought up, nourished by institution properly to cope up with competition, they are not being able to compete because they are not able to grasp basic concept of engineering from logical point of view rather were let off for maintaining institution’s admission intake each year. An institution is more focused on maintaining admission intake, the volume of students of all shapes and sizes matters foremost to them rather institution be alike premier IIT who are always focused on qualitative output after completion of engineering course.
Coming to girth where AICTE in their finding reveals the aspirants have a bad coding skill, it is absolutely true that the engineering students as per our findings have to pass the semester by hook or crook somehow or even some closer to faculty are easily skimmed out. In many institutions, engineering aspirants are provided handouts or answer keys in advance to crack the exam. Today engineering technology stands on computation unlike before, for every work of engineering relevant professional software skills are must which include programming and that obviously is lacking among aspirants. Engineering aspirants from the start of the semester are fed with the bundle of notes called syllabus, experiments that which he or she should parrot in order to go higher no matter the aspirants are clear with the concept or even procedure.

Typically aspirants lacks he fundamentals of coding standard, procedure, flow which utmostly are overlooked by faculty of engineering institutions; however, some geek aspirants give their level best to understand fundamental of programming concept on their own efforts who later are the ones turned to be vibrant. But that is not at all institutions should be doing, it should focus on the outcome which AICTE wants it to be.

These are notable things that is happening in all most all institutions under AICTE, this is how engineers are born in India and institutions are less bothered on quality. Lastly, to our findings, the engineering faculty themselves are not confident on the subject they teach so let us imagine what will be the ‘outcome’?

It is high time AICTE should bring a reform the way it has stood affirm to close down institutions those are unnecessarily running engineering business rather than making engineers for the better tomorrow. Let us not excavate backlog business they do from weaker students … ‘ Back Milega, …’, wondering when engineering institution stops saying that and focus on the outcome by doing their legitimate duty honestly.

Be serious now is editorial call to such negligent institutions!!


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