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Dr vs Timsina : Shocking video of humiliation takes on internet viral

Dr. Doma Bhutia speaking to Sikkim News

Dr. Doma Bhutia speaking to Sikkim News

18 Oct, Gangtok : The alleged video captured in Yangang South Sikkim, at Government Primary Health Centre PHC where a married middle aged local man named KL Timsina was whimsically physically treated on direction of the Yangang Govt PHC Medical Officer Dr. Kanu Priya Rai in presence of police officer, PHC employees and public.
The paramount of punishment levied publicly against the man is so shocking which shambles the democracy and fundamental right , freedom of speech of the common man in the country like India. The humiliation man faces goes beyond the ethics and boundary of fundamental right , esteemed privacy an aggrieved man, dignity and self respect.
The incident was reportedly captured on 7 October where the victim KN Timsina had requested the doctor to kindly attend the patient 16 years old Punam Limboo who was severely undergoing pain in the hospital ward. The very moment of duty time in board day light the Dr. Kanu Priya Rai was attending a meeting with the staff where the Timsina sneaked and pledged her for looking that ailing girl, having appealed repeatedly the doctor did visited the patient but to everyone’s surprise she lodged FIR at Yangang Police Station Outpost for “harassing” on duty.
The video that is now viral , which is broadcast by several national media is clear and audible how on the very day she forced a KL Timsina to catch ear in front of policeman, PHC staff and public threatening she may “process FIR” is he doesn’t catch ear seeking apology in front of all. Shockingly in video its audible and clear a policeman and staff taking the side of doctor are teasing him saying “Catch the ear, seek apology loudly we aren’t hearing “. The horrifying scene that took place in front of Yangang PHC is seeing captured by the mobile camera on other side by another PHC staff. The doctor gives a direction to pledging KL Timsina who is seen so humiliated to write an apology as per her wish and statement, it’s clear she asks him to write “training” instead of “meeting” in apology letter of Nepali vernacular, Timsina is seen writing letter on bonnet of Govt Ambulance whereas bystanders stood around surrounding him. Doctor is seen instigating the bystanders as well as the policeman in the video.
It is learnt from Timsina family side that their FIR was rejected by same Police outpost where family had asked for justice which KL Timsina faced as humilation.

On the 12 October after almost 6 days later the video went viral on Facebook social media page ‘The Voice of Sikkim’ after which the readers across the world started slamming the incident as grave and treacherous treatment against a man in democratic India, as many called “Dictatorial Doctor”, “Hitlerian” as well as criticized police and the staff as arrogant of humanity.
The shambling matter reached the DC South immediately where by evening official Press Statement was issued in favor of Doctor which mentioned the that government servants on duty should not be harassed or even anyone can sneak or brag with them must be punished. The clarification letter also mentions that on 7 Oct the matter was solved amicably after Timsina appealed for forgiveness through Kangaroo court apology letter and the case is closed!
But the indigestible press statement from the authority once again jerked the nerves of worldwide readers which fumigated more and more criticism against the authority’s favor towards the doctor for whatever she committed on 7 Oct was “justified” and “ethical”. As per the clarification of department the enquiry committee was constituted comprising of two members Intra-Dept who were doctors that came up with the final report.

Feeling the extreme heat of the matter which started embarking rapid fire on internet over video post , the KL Timsina who was still in Yangang faced depression, anxiety was brought to Central Referral Hospital Gangtok from Yangang South Sikkim on 12 Oct night by his brother.

After almost 7 days later the FIR which was lodged by Dr. Kanu Priya Rai was received by the Officer Incharge of the Ravangla Police Station from Yangang outpost outpost which falls under Ravangla juridiction. As per KL Timsina who was still in Manipal Hospital undergoing treatment on 13 Oct morning received a phone call from Ravangla Police Station that in connection to the case of 7 Oct FIR lodged by Dr. Kanu Priya Rai he is summoned at Ravangla police station immediately, Timsina informs that Ravangla police threatened him over phone that if he doesn’t ‘Surrender’ then “All Sikkim Doctor’s Association” has prepared to go for a strike. Once again heavily distressed, ill Timsina leaving his treatment aside surrendered to Ravangla PS is undestood on 12 Oct itself from family side who were also in trauma folllwoing police intervention and pressure from everywhere.

The aggrieved family of Timsina, his wife , a sick school going daughter met with the Sr. Advocate cum Human Right Activisit Dr. Doma Bhutia in Gangtok which was then discussed for a legal approach and remedy.
The support for Timsina on social media erupted across the world from all walks of life , furthermore daughter Rekha Timsina broke down as she was interview on video pledging for support from everyone for whatever humiliating injustice her father faced on 7 Oct at Yangang unto the nepotism of authority to protect the doctor instead.

On 15 Oct the national television news channel like NDTV English and Hindi, Times NOW, News Nation, India 24 News, The Times of India and many national news channels started broadcast of video through their media platform which further created a furore in wider scale on television media where the global audiences watched the Humanity being butchered by the ill fated doctor and her alliance comprising of police.
Meanwhile KL Timsina in custody of Ravangla PS, a bail application was lingering in Namchi South Sikkim magistrate which unfortunately did not take place on successive days due to insuffecient documentations for filing as told by KL Timsina side advocate at Namchi Yangzee Pinasha followed by holiday on Sunday 15 Oct.

The Timsina matter escalated more and more troubling the government of Sikkim to intervene in breach of humanity , once again the State Health Department issued the press briefing based on report submitted in same alignment as previous press statement on 12 Oct where KL Timsina of two member committee of intra-department doctors.The report largely accuses KL Timsina for creating ruckus in the meeting place but fails to explain humiliation , butchering dignity of victim KL Timsina that appears clear and audible in video. Amazing thing that the enquiry report mentions is regarding video which was posted on social media without the consent of department that which has tarnished image of Sikkim in Health sector.
In the report, what about that potential humilation and what is role of doctor as well as police still remaines unexplained from the authority side to pacify the millions of people following the case ?
What about prejudice faced by Timsina and his family members ?

On 17 October, after 5 days in custody at Namchi Magistrate, the bail was granted to KL Timsina slamming bond of Rs 1,00,000 (One Lakh INR) with security assurance of local person of Yangang.
It is learnt that KN Timsina arrived at Gangtok on 17 Oct night where he underwent a medical at STNM Hospital guided by his family members and well wishers.
It is further learnt that from Wednesday 18 Oct the legal work shall being to excavate into the matter in legal format and assistance of Sr. Advocate Dr. Doma Bhutia amd social worker’s team .


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