Published On: Tue, Jan 1st, 2013

Now, yet another woman falls prey of man’s brutality in Sikkim

Now, yet another woman falls prey of man’s brutality in Sikkim
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[In picture, victim crying in pain due to harmful chemical being sprayed]
31 Dec, Namchi: With just starting of New Year, an Episode of women brutality continues in the tiny Himalayan state of Sikkim one after another. Recently only 14 years old minor was gang raped by 4 culprits out of which many days have passed just 2 of the involved are arrested claims Police of East District in Pakyong.
In another fresh incident that is reported from South District headquarter of state in Namchi where a lady named Rita Pradhan was sprayed with a ‘Cobra’ spray.
According to report culprit is a person named Sirish Khare who is also a Manager of Nayuma Indane LPG Gas Distribution Firm of South Sikkim who is now arrested by the local Police is told.
The victim had been to Indane LPG firm for submitting a KYC form, there the accused Khare behaved indecently with the victim, victim urged not to behave in rude way however the accused Khare did not stop his behavior all of sudden the accused Khare sprayed a ‘Cobra’ spray on face of victim as such she fell on the ground and started moaning with pain and irritation of harmful spary.
The matter did not stop there, as the victim lady was crying in pain, Khare further ‘warned’ that her named will be expelled from the ‘LPG Customer Benefit’.., as per the witnesses on the spot reported to media.
The incident took place of 31 Dec, around 11:30 AM, recall here that IOC had notified last day of submission of KYC form is 31 Dec 2012.
According to report FIR has been lodged pressing IPC 321/354 against the culprit Sirish Khare, report further say that culprit is behind the bar.
With such brutality against the women in the state of Sikkim now the picture is getting clear that Women are no more safe either in the capital of nation in New Delhi or in tiny peaceful state of Sikkim…



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